At Trattoria Di Bernardone, owners Mario and Laura Bernardone & Family offer our guests a trans-temporal Italian dining experience.  With architectural features that support the classic warmth of Italy, many traditional dishes obtained from generational recipes, festive and soulful music of Italy, and the sincere love of people,  we seek to provide patrons with something special - an oasis in the desert!  We provide you with daily home-made doughs for pasta, bread, and pizza as well as traditional wood fired ovens for roasting vegetables, meat, and lasagna.



The atmosphere of Italy rules the mood at our restaurant.  We put our hearts and souls into every dish we prepare so that Our Guests may sense not only our love of Italy and its beautiful love affair with food but also so that Our Guests may know that They are truly special to us.  Our rustic yet elegant architecture and decorum helps frame the ambiance of Italy and bring it right here to Farmington, NM!   While dining in Trattoria Di Bernardone, choose any dish from our menu and be prepared to experience A Taste of Italy!



Are you satisfied with service at all dining places, cafes and restaurants in your town?  Are you still searching for a place with a courteous and kind hearted staff AND delicious food?  Find our address in Contacts and come on over today with  family and friends.  Order a dish here and reinvigorate your love affair with food - Italian Style - and DISCOVER Trattoria Di Bernardone :

 Where Food Loves You Back!

Best Recipes


A lot of people all around the world admire Italian food. Big lovers of Italian culinary majesty, pizza, lasagna, different kinds of pasta, meatballs and spaghetti come whether to Italy of to our restaurant. The last one provides you with the mix of fresh seasonal ingredients, refined goods and the best recipes and techniques. We do our best to serve you delicious food.



The  Bernardone Family is large and is willing to serve Our Guests - from the oldest to the youngest.  And there's lots of us, too!  We hope that when You visit us at Trattoria di Bernardone we will make You feel part of Our Family - and that will be our hope and pledge to You and Your Family!

The work is always in a full swing in our kitchen! Everyone here is on fire when it comes to cooking. Wood-Fired, not gas fired, or microwaved, is what we're all about!  Traditional is what we believe in so we import our flour from Italy and use better ingredients to make food like it used to be made.  Go ask our competitors if they use microwaves...

No less important than a good cook is a good waitress or waiter. As clear as crystal black and white uniform, nice smile, pleasant manners and perfect walk. A friendly waiter or waitress will treat you like Majesty. Well-trained staff knows exactly how to serve the best visitors and how to impress them with a little show.