425 Durbin Pavilion Dr, Saint Johns, FL 32259

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We have designed Our Atmosphere at Trattoria Di Bernardone, to invigorate your relationships,
rekindle your romance, stir your hearts so that you may truly experience
La Dolce Vita - The Sweet Life!

The Intimate

We have designed our restaurant with intimacy, privacy, and romance in mind.  Take note of our angled walls, large spacing per table, and our layout so different from cafeteria-styled chain restaurants.  We also have spaces where there are no TVs on walls in order that you may be able to focus on the ones you love!


Our Guests

We have been so fortunate to have met The Most Amazing and Wonderful People by operating our family  restaurant!  Our Patrons have visited us from many different parts of the world and we have had the blessing of getting to hear their stories about Europe, Africa, Canada and every part of our own country and, of course, about the different cultures and eating habits of Others!  And we have repeatedly served some of the same customers for 11 years who reside here in the Four Corners!  Many of These Patrons share stories about Their Families, exchange gifts with us and know our kids by name. - and that's saying something when there's nine of them! 


We elected to start this business as a way to serve others yet we never imagined how well we would get to know many fantastic people and gain so many Friends!


Grazie di Cuore! - Famiglia di Bernardone



"Long ago I got a chance to get my education in Italy.  I was studying in Rome. While living in Italy I just deeply fell in love with Italian cuisine.  After coming back home I spent years of searching the right place to eat something truly Italian.  And here it is – Trattoria di Bernardone restaurant. This is where I go every time I feel overwhelmed with nostalgia or just want to taste the real pasta one more time."


– Paul Simpson

"Trattoria di Bernardone is the right family place for me.  It is already a tradition for us to visit this place every Friday evening.  I really enjoy the interior and music, my husband likes all kinds of pizzas they serve and my little daughter is crazy about their desserts."


– Linda Rasmussen

"Trattoria di  Bernardone is not just a place to eat for me.  It is a very special restaurant because this is where I met the love of my life.  I came here on a first date with a girl from my college and now I come here with my wife.  We adore this place and enjoy the awesome dishes here.  The work you guys do is amazing.  Carry on!"


– Felix Henderson

Real People,

Real Voices...

...Really Matter!!!

The Dining


Our intimate setting allows our Guests privacy no matter where they are seated.  We can accomodate any sized function and will move our seating around to provide you the necessary space that your function requires.  We have 19 private booths with high backs in 4 person sizes plus we have unique dining spaces to accomodate larger groups with ease.  We have two outdoor patios with 16 tables to accomodate 2 or 4 persons per table.  We have a large bar area that seats 25 at the bar top then another 24 at high tops and another 26 at low tops for 75 total.  We have areas that are quieter for families and we have floating tables for folks who do not want to be in a booth.  Wherever you sit at Trattoria Di Bernardone you will have beautiful views of our sophisticated and elegant yet rustic decorum created for your comfort and preference. 


We have  designed our restaurant so that there are many areas that allow for privacy  with niches along angled walls and hidden corners where patrons will be able to focus on their family and friends.  So many other restaurants have their focus on the number of seats to cram into their space in order to maximize profit so that diners feel that they are in a cafeteria.  Not at Trattoria Di Bernardone.  We believe that you should spend your quality time with, as well as your attention on, your loved ones, not on the television or other tables. 


Allow your family and friends to taste the soul of Italy and experience Italian Cuisine, as well as Hospitality and Tradition.

Our Banquet Hall


We host Corporate functions for Pharmaceutical Companies and Fossil Fuel Events often.  We do 100 person Wine Tastings with Appetizers.  We will provide Your Group the best possible Service, Respect, and Professionalism and will treat you special as only a family operated restaurant can do in order to make Your Group feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated!


We frequently host Christmas, Birthday, and Aniversary Parties.  But maybe you just wish to get your Gal Friends together to have a a bottle of wine once a month or maybe your Golfing Buddies are all in town....Reserve Our Banquet Hall and you can have a great time with those that matter most to you in an atmosphere where you can relax and have your own space!


If you are looking for the perfect place where the atmosphere is beautiful and where our staff can give you the amount of support you need, a little or a lot, where the food and drinks will be great and Your Guests will be pleased, you may have found your new favorite at Trattoria di Bernardone  - "Where Food Loves You Back!"